As the situation worsens, Mr Trump’s new plan, which focuses on increasing troops and involving regional partners, is welcomed by many Afghan stakeholders

Mohammad Baqir has no opinion on Donald Trump. For Baqir, 38, a Kabul-resident and driver by profession, the US is one big entity that has a crucial impact on the war in his country. And so he followed Mr Trump’s much-awaited strategy for the war in Afghanistan very closely.

In his first elaborate address on the war in Afghanistan, the US president presented an outline of the way forward for their country’s involvement in the region. While the half-hour address provided little information of the actual plan, it gave insights to what the future might look like for what has become America’s longest war.

For many Afghans, the four-decade has become a way of life. “Things have become worse in the last two years. I have watched Afghans die, and those who survived I watched them leave,” Baqir told The National. Indeed, the increasing conflict has seen a rise in the number of civilian casualties with more than 11,418 deaths and injuries from war in 2016, according to figures from the United Nation’s Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (Unama).

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