Where are the 39 Indians ISIL captured in Mosul?

Where are the 39 Indians ISIL captured in Mosul?

Amarjeet Kaur remembers the exact date, time and duration of her last conversation with her husband. It was the morning of June 15, 2014.

She remembers what they discussed too. “He spoke about the fighting near him,” she says.

Since then, her life has become one long wait.

Her husband Gobinder Singh, a construction labourer, was abducted along with 38 other Indian citizens working in Iraq in June 2014 when ISIL took control of Mosul city. She has heard nothing of his fate since.

Left to raise two children by herself, Ms Kaur, 43, who works as a tailor near Jalandar, Punjab, has continued to hope against hope.

“He told me they were taken on June 11 and were being held in a basement of a building while fighting went on nearby,” she told The National.

Forty Indian workers were abducted that day, but one escaped and several of those taken managed to sneak mobile phones with them and contacted their families.

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