About Ruchi Kumar

About Ruchi Kumar

Ruchi Kumar is an Indian journalist currently working in Kabul, Afghanistan, focusing on news stories from the Af-Pak region. She has been published in Foreign Policy, Guardian, NPR, The National, Al Jazeera, Washington Post among others.

After four years as a journalist in India, she moved to Kabul looking for different stories to tell. She worked as the Digital Managing Editor for an online citizen journalism platform in Afghanistan. After year and half of supporting community-based journalism, she started independent reporting in 2016 enthralled by the many stories Afghanistan has to offer.

Having worked majorly in the online media, she specialise in digital and multimedia storytelling. In India, she worked two years at the Times of India, one of India’s largest media houses, juggling between print and online. Later she moved to Zee Media as a web producer for their print property DNA (Daily News and Analysis) working on politics, especially the parliamentary elections of 2014 in India.

She has some experience working in development sector—specifically, in child rights, and is a post-graduate in Human Rights from the Indian Institute of Human Rights.

“In my writings, I often try to explore a world beyond conflict, and focus on post-conflict development. I particularly enjoy writing in-depth, research narratives as well as investigative pieces.” – Ruchi

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