Taliban shoot at crowds of protesters in Jalalabad

Taliban shoot at crowds of protesters in Jalalabad

Members of the Taliban opened fire on a group of protesters on Wednesday in the provinces of Khost and Nangarhar, witnesses said.

Crowds of people in the provinces attempted to hoist the Afghan flag. The Taliban have replaced the official flag of Afghanistan with the white flag of their militant group in areas they have seized.

But many Afghans on Wednesday took to the streets in protest against the Taliban’s takeover of the country.

Sher Shah, 27, a civil society activist who participated in the protest in Jalalabad said his and fellow protesters were unwilling to give up everything they had achieved in the 20 years since the Taliban was chased out. His name has been changed to protect his identity.

“We started the protest and carried the black, red and green Afghan national flag across the streets. Thousands of our people died for this flag, we can’t betray them. Giving up would be a betrayal of the values these three colours stand for.

“Giving up would be a betrayal of those little girls that go to school for a better future. It would be a betrayal to those brave soldiers who lost their lives to protect this flag,” an emotional Mr Shah said.

Mr Shah said that as they marched the streets the group swelled as about 200 people joined the protest.

“That is when the Taliban who had been watching started to fire upon us,” he said.

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