Kabul’s Evacuation Crisis Has People Falling From the Sky

Kabul’s Evacuation Crisis Has People Falling From the Sky

video from the recently besieged Kabul was shared with me this morning, of what looks like a man falling out of an airplane. I dismissed it at first because it isn’t uncommon for exaggerated misinformation to spread in times of crisis. But soon after, a source in Kabul sent me a photo taken of a man who fell off one of the roofs in their neighborhood. “He fell from the sky,” they said.

Shortly after, more videos came from those who are waiting at the Kabul airport, holding on to the tiniest hope that one of the planes that are evacuating U.S. and other foreign nationals will allow them in. In it, Afghans can be seen running after a plane about to take off on the runway, and grabbing onto the wheels before they leave the ground because they hope that will save them and get them out of a country they helped build with the support of the United States and NATO allies.

Because today, for them, anything is better than having to live under an extremist, fundamentalist, vindictive, and violent Taliban regime, handed over to Afghanistan by the U.S., betraying millions who rallied behind their western “allies” against the Taliban.

Secretary Antony Blinken said that Afghanistan is not Saigon. Yes, Mr. Secretary, it is not Saigon. This is Kabul.

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