Taliban trying to force Afghan girls as young as 13 into marriage

Taliban trying to force Afghan girls as young as 13 into marriage

Thirty-nine-year old Gulpari was forced to make some hard decisions when the Taliban was closing in on her village in the north of Afghanistan six weeks ago.

Recalling the terrifying nights her family spent fearing for their lives, she said the Taliban was shooting on the ground, while “from the sky, the government was bombarding our village”.The Taliban asked to marry our daughters to them. They said if a house had two daughters, at least one should be given in marriage to the TalibanGulpari, 39, Afghan mother

Living in makeshift shelters on the outskirts of Mazar-e-Sharif city, Gulpari, a single mother of seven from a village in Jowzjan province described her ordeal.

In the days after the Taliban arrived in her village, the militant group started imposing draconian rules, particularly ones that restrict women’s freedom

“They announced that the women would not be allowed outside without a chadari,” she said, referring to a full face veil.

“Soon after, they closed the girls’ school,” Gulpari told The National, adjusting her traditional blue burqa to cover most of her face while she spoke.

Before the war she wore the garment rarely but since moving to the IDP camp she keeps it close by at all times.

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