One woman killed, scores wounded in ongoing Afghan air base attack – The National

One woman killed, scores wounded in ongoing Afghan air base attack – The National

A powerful suicide bombing on Wednesday killed one and injured more than 100 at an under-construction medical centre near Bagram Air Base north of Kabul.

Abdul Shukoor Qudosi, district governor of Bagram, confirmed to The National that over 100 civilians are injured in the attack that is still ongoing more than eight hours after it began. US forces are involved in the ongoing clashes and local media is reporting that 3 insurgents are dead, 1 has been arrested, and 3 remain active around the base. Taliban members are using RPGs and hand grenades according to locals.

In a statement to The National, USFOR-A confirmed an attack on Bagram Air Base, targeted a medical facility being constructed to help the Afghans who live near the base.

“Initial reports following the terror attack on the medical clinic building outside of Bagram airfield indicated fighting had ceased. We are now aware some armed fighters remain inside the medical facility,” a US spokesperson told us.

The spokesperson also clarified “while still ongoing, the situation is isolated to the clinic building and Bagram airfield is not in danger and the defensive perimeter was never breached or compromised.”

The individual added that “Some service members have been evaluated for minor injuries as a result of the initial attack.”

The new statement counters an earlier statement by Colonel Sonny Legget, Resolute Support spokesman, who had initially stated that the attack was repelled in 30 mins and that no US or coalition personnel were reported among the casualties at the air base, but had stated that the medical centre was badly damaged.

However five Georgian soldiers are among the injured in the attack, according to the Georgian Ministry of Defence via their local media.

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