The day after a horrifying suicide attack that killed 63 guests at a Kabul wedding, there was a crowd of people outside the emergency trauma hospital, desperate for news of their missing loved ones.

The explosion on Saturday evening, which has been claimed by ISIS, targeted a Hazara Shiite minority wedding with more than 1,000 guests on the western edge of the city, injuring 180.

There was an eerie silence among the relatives, friends and survivors as they waited for updates.

Many were still in shock while others prayed silently. All tried to come to terms with yet another ISIS attack on minority-community civilians.

“I just arrived from a mass funeral where we buried 13 members of one family,” a man, who did not want to be identified, told The National, but was too overwhelmed to share more.

“This sorrow will stay with us forever.”

Samiullah, 32, had not slept all night. His eyes were bloodshot and he sat cross-legged outside the hospital gate, with an energy drink in his hand to help keep himself awake.

“Three of my relatives are inside with serious injuries. I am just waiting to be allowed to see them,” he said.

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