The vast majority of its clients are women who want to look younger.

A decades-long war, such as the one in Afghanistan, can often leave visible and invisible scars. It leaves behind traumatic imprints on the psyche of an entire generation—ones that may never heal. However, that hasn’t stopped Afghans from attempting to erase, quite literally, the unwanted reminders of conflict.

While making small talk with some Afghans I met at the airport last month, I found that it wasn’t uncommon for a lot of them to pursue cosmetic surgeries in Kabul and abroad. These were especially popular among those who have survived some form of violent attacks and explosions that are occurring with increasing frequency in the country. My curiosity piqued, I looked for the most popular cosmetic surgeon in Kabul and made an appointment with one Zalmay Khan Ahmadzai.

Posters on the outside of his clinic in Kabul show the before and after effects of the services offered—one such poster shows a frail and tired looking Hillary Clinton and the image next to it has a photo of a happier, made up Clinton, with fewer wrinkles (who, I imagine, has never been anywhere near this clinic).

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