ISIS Is Blowing Up Mosques in Kabul

ISIS Is Blowing Up Mosques in Kabul

Most of the structure of the mosque still stands intact, and from the outside one can even see the intricate mosaic designs, in Persian styling, made with blue-and-white, hand-painted tiles, on the large dome structure.

But if one were to look closely, they would notice that many windows have only shards of glass around broken wooden panes. There are cracks on the walls and in some parts, the paint and plaster has peeled away, as though melted with strong fire.

This because the Baqir-ul-uloom mosque, as its known, in central Kabul was attacked by a suicide bomber in late November 2016 — third such attack on a Shia mosque in three months. Sixty-two young and old men lost their lives, and more than a hundred men and women were injured. Among the dead were several children, some as young as four years old.

All the attacks have been claimed by Islamic State, which is fast putting down roots in Afghanistan.

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