Afghans describe mayhem at Kabul airport as Taliban take power

Afghans describe mayhem at Kabul airport as Taliban take power

Thousands of Afghans continued to flock to Kabul’s airport on Monday, as foreign diplomats and security forces left a city overrun by the Taliban.

Videos and images shown to The National by witnesses displayed scenes of chaos and suffering at a once well-run international airport. Eyewitnesses told The National that late on Monday afternoon Taliban forces gathered near one side of the airport and shot at least two people trying to scale a wall, also injuring several others in an attempt to disburse a large crowd.

There was no update on their condition but videos seen by The National showed blood stains on the ground in the area.We spoke against everything the Taliban stands for. We know that they will not leave us aliveKabul resident

One of the clips sent on Sunday night shows an abandoned immigration centre with no sign of any security.

Crowds of Afghan men, women and children can be seen in and around the Karzai International Airport and even on the tarmac, where planes remain parked, many of them grounded to make way for military cargo planes.

One of the Afghans present at the airport through the night described the scene.

“There is a lot of confusion and I would say there are tens of thousands of Afghans hoping to get on one of the planes,” they said.

“I was told that the Americans might take some of us who worked with them so I came to the airport. But they are not taking anyone.”

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