Kabul watching Taliban-Iran meetings with unease, say sources

Kabul watching Taliban-Iran meetings with unease, say sources

Kabul is eyeing a visit by top Taliban members to Tehran with unease, a senior Afghan official told The National on Wednesday, even as Iran said no group could win control through war and urged the insurgents to co-operate with the government in peace talks.

A delegation of top Taliban members, led by Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar – a founder of the movement – arrived in Tehran this week for a series of meetings around ties to Tehran and the situation in Afghanistan.

The government and Taliban are currently engaged in peace talks in Doha and the future of the country. However, talks have stalled and little progress made.

“The general sentiment about this is not a pleasant one as the Taliban-Iran relationship has always been cantered on the support for the war in Afghanistan,” the official, who works in national security in Kabul, told The National.

While the Afghan Foreign Ministry assured that the government was aware and had helped co-ordinate the Taliban’s visit, the security official said there was discontent from many at the sight.

“Any recognition of non-state actors by Iran isn’t encouraging the state-to-state relations between our two countries,” the official said.

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