Kabul attack: Gunmen launch assault on communications ministry in Afghan capital

Suicide bombers and gunmen laid siege to the building of the Afghan Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) in Kabul on Saturday afternoon, killing at least eight people in an assault that destroyed weeks of relative calm in the capital.

The hours-long attack also left at least 10 more wounded, according to the Afghan Interior Ministry. Almost all of the victims were MCIT employees.

According to Nasrat Rahimi, the interior ministry spokesperson, three gunmen entered the building. The attack on the complex, preceded by a suicide bombing, was brought to an end by Afghan security forces who killed all three attackers.

“Operations finished. All suicide bombers killed and more than 2,000 civilian staff rescued,” the Minstry of Interior said on Twitter.

The building that came under attack is located in a crowded commercial neighbourhood in the heart of the Afghan capital and is flanked by the Ministry of Information and Culture, the luxury Hotel Kabul Serena, the Afghan post office, and a busy market.

As Saturday is the first working day of the Afghan week, the building itself was crowded with nearly 2,000 employees. Hundreds of workers from the communications ministry, the ministry of information and culture and the central statistics officer were evacuated from the building, along with several young children at a childcare centre for ministry staff.

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