At least 23 children are among the scores wounded after an explosion at a high-security rest and recovery compound in east Kabul killed four on Monday.

At least four were killed and over 90 thought to be wounded in the explosion in the 9th district of Kabul, Ministry of Interior Ministry Spokesman Najib Danish said in a tweet. But that number is expected to rise and at least four deaths have been reported.

“Most of the victims were civilians,” said Mr Danish.

Until recently some United Nations’ staff had lived and worked at the highly secure compound, but Mr Danish said the area was now largely empty and “only a number of guards” were left.

“Residential houses nearby have sustained heavy damage,” Mr Danish said. “Special police forces’ units have been deployed to the site to check if there are more attackers.”

Hayat Khan was having dinner with his family at his home when the explosion shattered the windows.

“All of my family are wounded. They have received injuries on the head, hands, legs and on the neck,” he said.

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