A loud explosion close to a group of protesters in the Afghan capital of Kabul claimed at least four lives, and injured eight others on Monday.

Several hundred residents had marched to and gathered near the Presidential Palace late on Sunday night, to protest against a recent spike in Taliban attacks in Ghazni and Uruzgan provinces.

According to security officials, a suicide bomber on foot detonated his vest just as the protesters were dispersing.

ISIS claimed the attack shortly after through their propaganda agency Amaq, but did not give evidence of it.

“I joined the protests at 7am, others had been there all night,” said Nilofer Muradi, a 23-year-old law student from Kabul.

Ms Muradi and thousands of other fellow Afghans were demanding government action against Taliban attacks on Jaghori and Malistan districts of Ghazni – two predominantly Hazara-Shia areas.

The majority of the protesters belonged to the Afghan minority that has increasingly been targeted by insurgent groups, especially by the relatively new ISIS insurgency in Afghanistan.

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