Two dead in attack on Afghan TV station

Two dead in attack on Afghan TV station

Two people were killed and 21 injured when a popular Afghan TV station was attacked by a gunman and a suicide bomber on Tuesday morning.

Nearly 150 other employees were held hostage for two hours as gunfire rained down around them.

At least two insurgents dressed as Afghan army officers launched the attack at the complex that houses the national TV studios. After one of the attackers One of the attackers blew himself up at the gates, two others entered the complex, eyewitnesses told The National. Some said the attackers were carrying rocket launchers and hand grenades as well as guns.

“I had just started my work for the day, when I heard firing and explosions around half past 10 this morning,” said Mirwais Stanikzai, head of current affairs in Shamshad’s news division news division told The National. Mr Stanikzai was among those who were able to escape the attack in the first half-hour.

“Within minutes of the initial explosion, my colleagues and I found out that the guards at the gates had been killed and that the attackers were making their way inside. Our office is a vast complex and we were lucky to be at the far end of where the attack started, which allowed some of us to escape through other routes.”

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