‘Lately I Feel Like I Have Been Cleaning Up After Attacks a Lot’

‘Lately I Feel Like I Have Been Cleaning Up After Attacks a Lot’

Enayatullah Noori, a 30-year-old employee of Roshan, the Afghan telecom, stood outside the site of the explosion, dressed in a traditional Afghan outfit and a brown jacket, covered in blood. “This is not my blood,” he explained. “It’s the blood of my colleagues.”

Noori was on his way to work early Wednesday morning when a truck bomb exploded outside his office in Wazir Akbar Khan, the largely diplomatic area of Kabul. “I was on the stairs when I heard the explosion and was thrown to the ground with its impact,” he recalled.

When Noori gained his composure and got back on his feet, he looked around and realized how fortunate he was to be among the few who survived the explosion. “When I came to my senses, I saw so many of my colleagues injured around me,” he told War Is Boring. “I carried them outside for help.”

Noori’s colleagues are among the 400 civilians injured in the explosion, which has been touted as the worst attack since the U.S. occupation began in 2001. Official figures indicate 85 people died. But considering the location and hour of the attack, some believe this number could be as high as 190 dead, and another 650 injured.

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